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One Rich Three Poor

Text - Louis Calaferte
Direction - Clio Van de walle

Dream theater

“Don’t tin can poetry !”

David Lynch's pink room, a balloon dress, a glitter gun, champagne, a survival blanket, traffic cones, a red telephone, the heel needle, a carrot eating contest, Mom, a lap- dance, a flashing light...

Somewhere in the vast world, on the stage of a dreamlike and cinematic construction site, Louis Calaferte's characters propel us into the frenetic parade of a strong, excruciatingly funny and profoundly human theater.

Pretending a circus performance, the show makes the marginalized, the bosses, the poor, the disabled, children, foreigners, those left behind, those who have everything, those who have nothing, talk and dance. .

In a whirlwind articulated in thirty-three flash scenes, where the musical worlds of Kavinsky, Marilyn Manson and David Lynch mingle, the author holds up a magnifying mirror to the public and shows us what is cruelest in the 'Man, but also what is most laughable and most touching.

Life of the show & internet links

   January 2015           Belleville Theater- Paris

                                     Creation of the show

   April-May 2018         ThLepic Theater (Former Ciné 13 Théâtre) 

                                     20 performances 





Press officer

Alain Pons

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