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 Adults acting classes

Hearing the audience settle into the room

Wondering what we're doing here

Wanting to return home

See the lights go out

Feeling your heart burst in your chest

Wondering what we're doing here

Wanting to leave

I would be so much better in front of my TV

Forget your text

Put it back in your mouth

Readjust your costume


And ten

Inhale very hard

So as not to run out of air when the time comes

Wait for the cue to finish

The one next to mine

Breathe in one last time


Taking the first step on stage

Melt under the heat of the spotlight

Know what we're doing there

Feel at home

From the first step

Make your whole being vibrate in the service of the text

Put yourself in the shoes of your character

Feeling alive

Feel it in your body and in your voice

That we are never as much ourselves

That when we play in the theater

Réservations ouvertes
pour Nécrosia!

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Dimanche 16 juin 2024

Une création de Grégoire Baujat
Avec les élèves comé de la troupe de la Compagnie Indigo

2254. Réfugiée sous la surface de la terre pour fuir la catastrophe climatique, une communauté de puissants voit son destin s’assombrir : Necrosia, bactérie du sous-sol, rend sa population stérile.

Quand le professeur Valéry débarque avec un antidote, les membres de la Cité du Dessous ont-ils d’autres options que de le croire ? spectacle conseillé à partir de 12 ans

Théâtre de Belleville
16 passage Piver 75011 Paris
Tarif unique 15 euros
Réservation obligatoire



Registrations 2023 - 2024


Every Monday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. except during school holidays;

Trial lesson the 1st lesson of the yearMonday October 9, 2024

The Song Factory

124 avenue de la République, 75011 Paris.

(metro)Father Lachaise)

550 euros per year (possibility of paying in two installments)

Show in June 2024 in a Parisian theater.


Info - registrations

Clio Van de Walle

For the little story...

Created in 2012, the troupe theater of student actors  of the Indigo Company, offers each year of shows in theaters Parisians.

Rehearsals take place every Wednesday in the 11th arrondissement.

The idea is to work with amateur troupe members in the same way as with professional actors and actresses, obviously adapting to each personality, but with the same rigor and the same creative madness. than when preparing a professional show!

Each participant is required to take responsibility for their role, their costumes, their texts, their responsibilities in the troupe.

We started in 2012 with the show "Cyrano(s)", the youngest were eight years old and they declaimed the tirade with their noses...We closed the "child" course in 2020 with "Les glaciers Grondants" contemporary ecological fable by David Lescot.

Since 2021, Compagnie Indigo has opened its first adult class!

Course schedule

The course are designed as a journey, where everyone is invited to listen, to invent, to propose according to their sensitivity and uniqueness. The goal of this course is for you to have fun and surprise yourself, to seek out emotions deep within you, without ever forcing anything.

We will invite you to explore your voices, your bodies, to "get out" of yourself to (re)discover yourself in the face of the  others or in front of yourself. With the greatest kindness, and with a concern for inclusiveness in the language and scenes chosen, you will learn to no longer judge or censor yourself, but just to try... to see! 

On the program: musical exercises, diction work, bodily expression, collective listening work, sensory memories, theater in the dark, dramaturgy, discovery of Le Monde authors, readings and interpretations of major scenes from the classical and contemporary repertoire. Management of stage fright, "artistic speech" circles...We can also, for those who wish, organize theatrical writing sessions or work on certain scenes in foreign languages. The course is open to everyone, regardless of your age or theater experience!


Clio Van de Walle

The troopamateur is directed by Clio Van de walle since 2012.

Actress, director and author graduated from the National Conservatory Superior of Dramatic Art in Paris, Clio regularly leads drama courses for professionals and amateurs in Paris, London and Athens. She was a teacher of stage expression at schoolsinging Crescendo Art and joined the teaching team of the 3IS International School in October 2021.More info here.

Grégoire Baujat


A graduate of the Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique de Paris, Grégoire Baujat studied drama in the classes of Dominique Valadié, Daniel Mesguich, Iouri Pogrebnitchko, Christophe Honoré, Xavier Beauvois, and Eric Lacascade.

In the theater, he extends his collaboration with Eric Lacascade onSummer residents. He plays the role of Mercutio in theRomeo and Julietby Magali Léris, a role for which he won the Prix du Souffleur. He also plays for Olivier Dhénin, Pauline Beaulieu, Sébastien Chassagne, Justine Heynemann, Romain Duquesne and Vincent Menjou-Cortès. He interpretsArsène Lupin at the Lucernaire in a production by Delphine Piard and joined the ranks of the Collectif du Théâtre de Lorient with the show by Rodolphe Dana,Price.

In the cinema, he collaborates with Mathias Gokalp for Rien de personnel, with Josiane Balasko inHalf-Sister, with Lotfi Bouchouchi inWell. He plays the main role in Christian Boisliveau's film,Léa's Filmand recently, he appeared in Matthew Weiner's series The Romanoffs as well as inParis Police 1900 Season 1 and 2 by Julien Despaux.

Past shows

Les grandes personnes

creation of Clio Van de walle, June 2023.

Since 2012...

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