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 Unidentified objects

Unidentified Objects

These are the crazy projects

Free projects

Impossible to classify, store or budget

Let it be the sketch of an impossible scenography

Listening of a room in the dark

The development of a photo exhibition that will never take place

Or the creation of a radio play that lasts 4 hours

It’s a collective writing that brings us together

An abolition of borders

A refusal of constraints

Of production


Of time


Of legitimacy




Of religion

From experience


From public

From private


Or celebrity

It is an uncompromising artistic commitment

A common voice rising

And which reminds us

That Art cannot be defined

That by his total freedom 

poster dream boxes_edited.jpg

Dream Box (es)

Text - International collective work
Design and production - Clio Van de walle

Poetic sound action #1

Voices of the World, Confinement 2020

“Dream Boxes” is a compilation of “audio windows”, opened by French and international artists, but also students, children and adolescents, who expressed themselves by writing original texts during the period of the April 2020 confinement. In French, English, Greek, and Spanish, sometimes in music, they express with poetry, darkness, and humor, their emotions of the moment, facing this historical period. This 2h45 sound journey is a completely crazy bet, free of production constraints. Embark aboard the “Dream Box(es)” and let yourself be surprised by the voices of the world.

lake baikal.jpg
displays the other sanga.jpg

The Other Sangas

Text - Collective work
Design - Clio Van de walle
Production - Clio Van de walle & Charlotte Bigeard

Poetic sound action #2

Call for texts Rap Slam Poetry 

“Les Autres Sanga” is a poetic sound action against forced marriage, led by French-speaking artists, and labeled by Un Femmes France as part of the Générations Egalité Festival. The citizen project echoes the rap theater piece SANGA, written by Clio Van de Walle in 2020. 

Through an audio journey of unpublished texts, songs and slams, La Compagnie Indigo bears witness to the forced marriage of children all over the world, a theme which remains a taboo subject, even in France today in the 21st century.

The texts were selected following a call for rap texts, spam and poetry on the theme of forced marriage.

With the participation of “La Maison des Femmes” of Saint Denis, directed by Ghada Hatem and “Voix de Femmes, SOS Forced Marriage”.

The piece is archived in the egalithèque of the Center Hubertine Auclert.


Lorenzo project

Design and production - Clio Van de walle
Partnership - H prospasia ton zoon and Maleme School, Crete

Poetic sound action #3

Xaniotica Journal Néa, Crete - January 2024

Artistic compilation produced with young students from the Maleme nursery school (island of Crete, Greece).

Children send their own message of empathy, animal protection and active attitude towards the protection of stray animals.

Created by Clio Van de Walle with the help of volunteers from the "H Prostasia toon zoon" association in Chania and whose protagonist is the stray dog Lorenzo!

This poetic sound action was published in the daily newspaper of Chania and sent to the city's politicians and municipal officials.

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