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photo Fabienne Rappeneau



Text and direction - Clio Van de Walle

Contemporary theater

“I come from a country where women hide.
Today I'm getting married to a man I don't know. My name is Sanga, I am nine years old. »

Sanga sees her destiny change the day her family forcefully marries her.

Refusing to submit, the little girl has only one obsession: to hit.

Rapping while writing in the ink of her blood the absurdity of the world in which she lives.

Rapping as a need to exist and stay alive.

Propelling us in turn to the land of the Sun, symbol of a universal, violent and warm Orient, and to the land of Uncle Teddy, an idealized West with its share of disappointments,

the play tells us the story of a little girl who arms herself with her songs

against rape and submission.


A show in which rap and contemporary dance takes us

from nightmare to dream. The dream of a world where little girls have full ownership

of their soul and their body, and where they are free to lead their life as children.


Life of the show & internet links

   March 2020               House of Associations of the 11th - Paris 

                                    Public reading. International Rights Day


   May 2020                Generations Equality Festival - UN Women France 

                                    Labeling of the sound piece “Les Autres Sanga”


   January 2021           Chelles Theater

                                    Finalist of the Collectif 77 Plateaus.

                                    Model in front of professionals


   June 2021                 The Moulin Rouge Machine, Paris

                                    Musical and choreographic creation residency.

  September 2021  Gérard Philipe Theater. 


                                    Exit from residence in front of professionals                


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