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La Compagnie Indigo

Clio Van de Walle created La Compagnie Indigo at the age of twenty to put on shows, right now, without waiting for the end of her theater studies. First of all, there is an immense passion for the great classic texts, but also for the theater of the absurd.

Pieces by Ionesco, Racine, Louis Calaferte, and Ionesco were staged in Paris, at the Avignon festival.

Alongside the shows, La Compagnie offers theater classes and workshops for teenagers and adults in Paris, but also in Crete, Athens and London. Adaptations of great classic and contemporary texts are presented each year in eastern Paris.

The need to lead workshops in several languages (French, English and Greek) and to establish contacts with international artists from different backgrounds and origins quickly arose.

For several years, Compagnie Indigo has turned to contemporary writing based on the texts of Clio Van de Walle, published and performed in France and Canada. (CDN in Angers, Jamais Lu Festival in Montreal, Lyncéus Festival in Brittany, etc.).


After living and directing projects on the island of Crete, she decided in 2023 to do everything possible to try to offer more inclusive and supportive projects mixing nature and culture, and tries to place theater in places wild and atypical (shows at the water's edge, participatory reading in disused swimming pools, creation of an inter-generational free dance class open to people with disabilities, writing workshops in churches, etc.).

Her dream is to one day build a theater in the forest, the entrance tickets to which would not be payable in money but in trees to plant.

In 2025, the troupe of student actors from La Compagnie Indigo will present an adaptation of Molière's Misanthrope in a 6,500 m2 Parisian wasteland.


Clio Van  de walle

What do you want to do when you grow up?

- I want to create Worlds.

Sitting at the small table at the back near the window, a steaming cup of poetry in hand, she displays her Superheroine panoply. The Imagination Open-Bar and the well-oiled keyboard, she sets the scene for her next show. Acting, directing, writing… above all, dreaming.


Eco-feminist in love with the small and big stories of humanity, she creates theater as one hungers and thirsts. By shouting his poetry loudly, standing on the table so that his cup is never empty.

A graduate of the Paris National Conservatory, Clio works with Bernard Sobel, Eric Lacascasde, Daniel Mesguish, Thomas Le Douarec... Her plays Sanga, Nuit, ma liberté!, Bien née.e.s, and Au Monde, some of which have been published and performed in France and Canada, explore the themes of feminism, ecology and civic freedom by offering poetic and political universes.

The dreamlike and musical, clown-dystopian and quasi-science fictional character of his pieces are joyful vectors for rebelling, dreaming and questioning the World around us.

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